EL CITERA is a story that originates in 1927, on a small plot of land in Peschiera del Garda where the Zanetti family planted their first vine. From that moment on, generation after generation their love and passion has become tradition and respect for the earth.


Everything originates from the earth.
The clay that nourishes our vines, harsh and arrid during droughts yet soft and generous during the rains, gives fresh notes of apple and a persistent minerality to our wine.
With the care of expert hands comes the fermentation, maturing serenely for 18 months in concrete vats then, following the phases of the moon, the wine continues its evolution in bottles.



Vine: Turbiana (Trebbiano di Lugana)
Area of production: Peschiera del Garda
Plot: “La Vecia” eco-culture philosophy
Soil composition: Clay
Harvest: Hand with grape selection
Vinification: From the finest must
Ageing: 18 months in concrete vats
Refining: 3 months in bottle
Bottling: Hand


The roots of the wine

The experience of tasting a wine crafted essence of its territory, surrounded by nature that gave him oigine.